Frequently Asked Questions on Employment Immigration?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Employment Immigration?

What is a change of status and visa?

As can be seen from the description of the visa, it is impossible to have a US visa in the United States. However, I sometimes hear the words “I got into a tourist visa and got an investment visa (E-2) or student visa (F-1) easily in the US”. This is a misunderstanding of the change of status, which is requested by the Immigration Office, when the purpose of the immigration visa and the stay is changed misunderstood as a visa. This change of status is not a visa, so you will need to get the visa from the embassy in order to get out of the US and lose your validity and return to the US.

If your relatives do business in the United States, will you sponsor them?

It is only possible if you have the requirements of an employer. No matter how close you are to your family, relatives or friends, you need to have the requirements of an employer to be a sponsor of a worker’s immigrant. The requirements of an employer are basically the reasons for not being able to hire Americans, the reasonable reason to hire foreigners, and the ability to pay legitimate wages.

What is the meaning of a Labor Certificate?

Work permits are a must in the second place (EB-2, except for NIW) and third place (EB-3). A work permit is an authorization for an employer to be able to hire a foreigner, which is different from the usual employment authorization. Even if you are currently working in the US as a work permit, you will need to obtain a separate work permit when moving to immigration in the second place (EB-2, NIW is excluded) and third place (EB-3).

Is there an illegal immigration record, can I get a job?

In principle it is impossible. It may be possible if the record is less than six months. However, if you are over six months, you will not be allowed to enter the United States for three years. However, this does not mean that entry into the United States is possible after three or ten years. In fact, immigration to the United States is not possible if there is a record of illegal stay for more than six months.

My child is disabled. Can I get a work permit?

It depends on the degree. In immigration to the United States, the purpose of physical examinations is to screen for serious illnesses such as incurable diseases and incurable diseases. It is possible if your child’s disability is not severe. In this case, it depends on the situation of the child.

During the immigration process, I was married and a child was born.

It is decided whether or not to be accompanied by a family structure just before receiving an immigrant visa. Therefore, they will be recognized through proof of family relationship reflecting the changes in the family (marriage, childbirth, divorce, death, etc.) and will receive the green card together.

Can I immigrate to the United States during my immigration application?

It is possible. However, you should avoid misunderstandings due to frequent immigration or long-term stay, and if you get a question about immigration applications when you come to the United States, you should respond accordingly.


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