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What is a work immigrant?

A business that can not find a worker in the US requests the US government to issue a foreigner employment permit and permanent residence permit, and the US government is an employment immigrant to issue a green card by examining the qualifications and conditions of the employer and the foreigner. There are five types of employment immigrants: religious immigrants and investment immigrants. The most distinguishing feature of US employment immigration distinguishes immigration from other countries is that the US business permits immigration only to applicants whose employment is confirmed. That is, if you are a qualified immigrant to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. who have earned a certain number of grades based on their age, academic background, English proficiency, etc., (Employment) immigration.

What is a visa?

A visa is an entry visa received by a foreign embassy or consulate in a country when you intend to enter another country. You can simply look at your entry permit. Therefore, a visa is issued outside the country in which you intend to enter, and serves as a pass to enter the country.

Types of US Visas

Immigrant Visa

If you are accepted as an immigrant through family immigration, employment or investment immigration procedures, you will need a visa issued by the US Embassy. If you are an immigrant visa, you will be granted permanent resident status upon entry.


Non-immigrant Visa

All visas except immigrant visas. A visa issued to a foreigner who intends to enter USA for the purpose of short-term stay such as studying abroad, investment, short-term employment, or visit, is expected to return to his / her home country if the purpose of stay is satisfied.

Types of employment immigration

TypesEligibility and Target
EB-1► Executive, internationally renowned owner of a multinational corporation
EB-2► Science, Arts, Engineering, Management
► Masters or better experienced or bachelor's and professional experience over 5 years
EB-3► Profession: professional occupations over bachelor
► Skilled worker: 2 years or more of skilled worker, proof of tax documents required
► Non-skilled workers: simple occupations not related to education, career, gender, English ability
EB-4► Clergy and religious workers
EB-5► More than $ 1 million investment More than 10 direct employees
► Investing $ 500,000 and creating more than 10 jobs (direct or indirect)

Contents of employment immigration

As an executive of famous and renowned professors, researchers and multinational corporations with a reputation both domestically and externally, it is possible to apply for only a small number of individuals who are in the best position in the individual field. Since they must prove their special talents, they have won national and international awards Career, convention history, Olympic medal, etc.) or have special talents. Also, Labor Certification is not required, but you need proof that you will be working in the same field after you enter the US.

Special ability holders

To be eligible, it must be internationally renowned in the fields of science, arts, education, management, and physical education, be engaged in the same field after entry to the United States, and be a person who can contribute significantly to American society.

– Prominent professors and researchers –

This requires an international reputation in the field of specialization and at least three years of experience in a professorship or professorship.

Documents proving the special ability owner and prominent professors and researchers

– Confirmation of national or international prize or award

– Awards in specific areas

– Major media organizations introduced their accomplishments to me

– Articles contributed to professional journals

– where you can review others in your area

– Data on my research achievements and achievements in specialized periodicals

– Academic Writing

– Executives of multinational corporations –

It is possible for an executive and manager of a company associated with the United States to leave the United States as a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate, with a prior experience of more than one year in the last three years do. In the case of a manager, the person in charge of HR does not apply. Only the sales, production, and marketing fields directly involved in management activities are applicable. Company executives must have a major policy or decision-making authority.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree Executive and executive of multinational corporations / International reputation in science, arts, education, management, sports / International level professors and researchers.

Feature: No Labor Certificate required

An advanced degree specialist with a master’s degree or higher or an exceptional ability in science, engineering, medicine, life, science, and art can contribute to the development of economics, culture, education, A person can apply. Even if you do not have a master’s degree, if you have a progressive experience of 5 years or more in your major together with your bachelor’s degree, you can apply for it as deemed equivalent to a master’s degree.

Unlike the first rank immigration, the employer and the labor certification are required for EB-2. However, if you are able to benefit greatly from the US national interest, you can apply through the NIW (National Interest Waiver) and you can apply for an immigration application without an employer and a work permit.

Qualifications: Professionals who have a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree and have at least 5 years of experience in the same field and are outstanding in science, engineering, medicine, life, science and the arts. Labor authorization required
* If you are certified as a National Interest Waiver (NIW)

Representative occupations: engineering, pure science, medicine, pharmacy, health, life sciences, law, accounting, management professionals, etc.

There are three types of immigration to third place. Professional occupations of bachelor’s and equivalent occupations. There are non-skilled workers who do not have the conditions for skilled occupations, education, experience, etc. that require more than two years of training and experience.

Professional employment immigration

Professionals Employment immigrants are not a substitute for a degree in their careers. A four-year bachelor’s degree is required. It is possible to apply when an employer is absolutely necessary and has a degree or equivalent experience in line with the job type.

Eligibility: occupations with a bachelor’s degree and a required degree
Representative occupations: Professional occupations and managers in various fields such as engineering, science, accounting, management, marketing, management, personnel, etc.

A skilled worker
Skilled occupations are jobs that require at least two years of training and experience. To be classified as a skilled worker, you must have at least two years of work experience in the profession and at least two years of work experience. Employment companies and Labor Certification are required.

Proof of payment is required for proof of career. If there is no proof of payment, it may be rejected at the final visa interview.

Qualifications: 2 years or more training for occupations in the field,

Representative occupations: auto mechanic, electrician, baker, welder, cook, etc.

Non-skilled worker immigration

Non-skilled workers can be trained and have less than two years of experience in the field. Therefore, occupations with no limitations such as academic background and career can be regarded as mostly unskilled. Unemployed jobs are often not available in the United States because of their small salary.

Because qualifications are not tricky, anyone can apply, but the qualifications of an employer are very important, as are the Labor Certification and Job Offer, which is the same as any other job position in the ranking.

Qualifications: training that is less than 2 years, occupations that can be done by experience

Representative occupations: Simple occupations that do not require education, career, gender, or English ability. Food processing factory etc.

Special immigrants (religious migrants, international organization workers, foreign employees of US government agencies).

Religious immigrants such as clergy (pastors, brides, monks, etc.) who are engaged in religious affairs or who are applying for non-religious religious workers, such as evangelists, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, and church associates; employees of US government agencies residing abroad; There are special immigrants who apply.

In order to apply for a religious immigrant, the applicant must prove that the religious organization that is inviting is a non-profit organization that has been tax deducted from the US Department of Internal Revenue (IRS) I should have continued to work as a member of. It must also be able to demonstrate financial ability to pay wages.

Qualifications: Priest or religious worker with at least two years experience

The US Employment Immigration Rank 5 (EB-5) is an investment immigrant.
It is understandable that new jobs are created through investment. It is a newly introduced category of immigration through the Immigration Act of 1990, with a quota of 10,000 issued annually. Investing in the United States is a case of investing in new businesses with more than $ 1 million investment and more than 10 jobs. However, if you are a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), you can apply for a $ 500,000 investment. At first, conditional green card is granted, and after two years from entry into the US, business is reviewed and conditional permanent residence is granted through termination. The most important criterion for termination review is job creation. Any kind of collateral for guarantee of investment or for the preservation of principal is prohibited and must be a risk-taking investment.

Qualifications: A $ 1 million investment in the US or $ 500,000 (TEA) investor who can create more than 10 jobs through investment
Features: Acquisition of conditional permanent residency and 2 years of investment,


The US immigration law entitles 140,000 working immigrant visas per year. There are 40,000 immigrants from 1st to 3rd respectively, and 10,000 immigrants in 4th and 5th rank respectively. Of the three, the number of non-skilled workers is limited to 10,000.

General features of employment immigration

Employment is the third most common category of employment. The third place employment immigrant requires an employer (sponsor company) and can apply for immigration after the work permit has been approved. The qualifications of the applicant belong to the basic conditions, and depending on the qualifications of the employer, the success or failure of immigration procedures can be considered to depend on them.

The meaning of employment company in employment immigration

The third most common employment immigrant (including the second rank) In employment immigration, the meaning of an employer is absolute. It is the employment agency that holds the crucial key to successful employment migration. Without a hiring company, immigration to work can not be started, nor can it be finished. In the “Employment Immigration Procedures”, the qualifications of the employer are verified at almost every stage. In the Labor Stage phase, the employer verifies whether the effort is made to recruit personnel in the United States and the appropriateness of hiring the foreigner accordingly. In the immigration stage, the employer checks the ability of the employer to pay appropriate wages. In the final step of the visa issuance process, the final check of the financial ability of the employer and the reaffirmation of the employer.

To successfully perform the role of an employer in employment immigration

① It is necessary to be able to prove a clear reason for the employment of foreigners. ② There is a financial condition to pay the appropriate wages. ③ Only the employers who are willing and able to continue their employment until the end of the procedure are guaranteed successful employment immigration.


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