Living in the United States

Learn about the following three topics that are essential for your American life.

We provide you with important information about important housing information, educational information, and the US social security system in immigrant settlement in the United States.


There are the following types of apartments in the United States.

Studio or Bachelor: one room with sofa, bed, gas range, refrigerator and shower room. Single Studio / Bachelor: It is slightly larger than Studio and has a kitchen. One Bedroom: There is a bedroom besides kitchen, living room, toilet. Two Bedroom: One Bedroom + One bedroom plus a half bath Three Bedroom: One Bedroom + Two more bedrooms plus one bathroom Four Bedroom: One Bedroom + Three bedrooms, one with bath and half bath Five Bedroom: One Bedroom + One Bedroom + Two Bedroom + Bathroom + Toilet
It is a good idea to choose apartments according to your family structure. A single person or student lives in a two bedroom with his roommate, and many people share rents. Generally, the two bedroom is more spacious than one bedroom in the living room or kitchen, and it is cheap. Rent varies according to the type of room and varies depending on the area, city, surrounding environment, transportation, and shopping environment. When renting an apartment, the house owner is responsible for cleaning the exterior, cleaning the tree, and security.

Single House, Town House

Single-family houses vary in style, but their typical forms are as follows.

Ranch House: A single-storey building with many roofs on the west coast. There are many large windows and few walls inside and outside the house. The colors are white or blue with a lot of bright colors, and there is usually no basement. Split Level: A building with a room between the first and second floors. A three-story building in this way is called a trilevel. It features a large window. New England Colonial: Also called Cape Cod. It is simple to build, with one floor on the ground and half a room above it. Georgian House, Victoria House: Large and luxurious building. The Georgian house has a lot of two-story buildings. Victoria house has three-story buildings. They are all wood carvings, high ceilings or houses with fireplaces in the bedrooms.

There are also several types of apartment houses.

Two Family House: This is a two-storey building. The first and second floors are separate houses. In most cases, the owner of the house lives downstairs. Town House: Also known as Low House, it is a multi-storey house, with a neighboring wall. There are two or three floors and there is a basement. Duplex House: A house designed for two generations to live independently Semi-detached House: Two-storey building with a single view from the outside Condominium: A condominium, often shortened to condo, in the United States and in most Canadian provinces, is a type of living space which is similar to an apartment but which is independently sellable and therefore regarded as real estate.
When renting single or multi-family housing, the rent varies depending on the place, size, and shape of the building. When renting a town house or a condominium, you have to pay an association fee separately from the rent.

Lease House

If you decide where you want to live, you should look for an apartment or house to live in according to your budget.

It is common to find a house with a signpost such as ‘For Rent’ or ‘Leasing Now’ or ‘Vacancy’, or to use newspapers. The newspaper contains advertisements about rented houses or rented apartments almost daily. Among them, the “Classified Section” of the Sunday newspaper has more information, and the price, residential type, etc. are classified according to each region. have. Also, if you have a house or apartment you want, you will have to go back to the house after asking for detailed conditions by phone because the location, rent, facilities, and contact information are listed. If you like your home, you can secure your priority by filling out an application form and paying a security deposit of about $ 80 to $ 100. If there are a lot of applicants, it is important to go to the house as soon as possible if you have a favorite house because you will be selecting the tenant on a first come first served basis. Some apartments collect an application fee of $ 100 for a credit checker who wants to move in.
The terms used in newspaper magazines are usually abbreviated as follows. 2BR: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms: 2 toilets, A / C: air conditioner, Util incl. Or pd: gas, water, electricity value included, Prkg: parking available, full security: security system, Drmn: : Eat in Kitchen There is space for meals, Built-ins: Refrigerator, gas stove, food waste, shredder, etc. W / D: Washer and dryer, Wlk-up:
Also, if you write “Agt” or “Bkr” in front of your contact’s phone number, you will see an apartment or a house with a real estate agent or broker. Early immigrants do not have local information, so if you want a safe, quiet place, it’s not too bad to find it through an agent or broker.

Educational Information in the United States

The federal constitution of the United States does not have any education provisions, and all the powers of education are left to the state or less. The state’s involvement in education varies from state to state, and some places are relatively active, such as New York and California, and others are not. In the case of New York State, which is actively engaged in instruction within the state, it establishes a set of curriculum standards and conducts annual examinations accordingly, resulting in great impact on each local school board or school authority within the state. California also has a variety of influences, including textbooks and textbooks selected by the state and recommended for each province.

Below the state is the Local School District, which currently has about 17,000 schools nationwide. There is a wide variety of schools, such as Hawaii, which has one state as a whole, and the state that has 1,350 local districts like Nebraska, and Illinois, as well as other schools that administer elementary and middle schools. Education in the United States is a principle of decentralization. As far as Korea is concerned, the local education council or schools at the end of the school formulate and implement all educational policies, and the state or federal government is financially or in a specific area. The educational system in the United States is characterized by a variety of elementary, middle, and high school courses.

Compulsory education in the United States

The duration of compulsory education is left to the laws of each state and is not uniform. Previously, in most states, compulsory education was for 9 years from 7 to 16 years old. The age at which a child can enter elementary school was 6 years old. However, nowadays, there are many states set as 12 years from kindergarten (Kindergarten) to high school. However, kindergarten and high school seems to be accepting as compulsory education.

American interdisciplinary

The American interdisciplinarity is the same as in Korea, with 13 years of courses ranging from kindergarten through elementary, middle and high school. However, there is a big difference in the name or content of the call. You may have seen much of what American education calls the Kindergarten (Kindergarten) and Grades 1 through 12 (K-12 system). In fact, Americans do not talk about compulsory education, that is, public education courses by elementary, middle, and high school, rather than the first, seventh, and eleventh grades. It is also called elementary school, middle school, and high school, and the middle and high school is expressed as a six-year secondary school at a time. The number of grades is usually divided into grades 1 to 5, or grades 1 to 6 in each school district, and junior highs are grades 6 to 8, or grades 7 to 8, and high school grades 9 to 12, four years. Private schools, however, do not follow these titles. It is an atmosphere that does not give much meaning to the interdisciplinary school of elementary, junior high, middle and high school. Some private schools are studying K-12 grades on a single campus, and the names of grades are lower school (K-3), middle school (4-6), intermediate school (7-8). Private schools are also divided into boarding schools, which run dormitory facilities, and day schools, which live nearby.

Documents necessary for admission to private junior high school and transfer

  1. Official Transcript – transcripts or records of the past three years
  2. Teacher’s Recommendation – Recommendation letter from English, Math, and Science teachers
  3. SSAT, SLEP, TOEFL, WISC III – Test scores
  4. Application Form: Application form issued by each school

High School

From 9th grade, it is called High School. In Korea, if you are in 3rd grade, it is a high school in America. The four-year high school course can be divided into two categories: College Preparatory Course and vocational education for students with post-graduate occupations. In general public schools, both courses are offered, There is also a Vocational (Technical) School for students who want to get free technical training for the students who want.

In the United States, the subjects they learn vary according to the student ‘s preference and ability. For example, in the case of mathematics, a student who shows excellent talent in mathematics in grade 12 can take the AP-Calculus (calculus in college courses), whereas a student who is not interested in mathematics in the class Algebra-II can be chosen. The selection of these subjects will depend on the university you wish to pursue and the major you want. If you check the subjects you are studying, it will be an important benchmark for setting up universities and majors that you will be able to know and choose for the next year.

Web site to find good American schools

If you come to the United States to immigrate or study in the United States. Or if you want to move to a different location in the United States, there will be a lot of worries about the number of schools in your area, how close you are to finding a school near your home, and how good the school you want to go to is. If this is the case, you should contact and find out more about the schools in your area. This site provides free information on public schools and private schools from kindergarten through high school, and shows the test scores of each school and the number of students per class. It is also possible to compare the curriculum, teacher level, race, and the level of other schools in the school, and it will be a good site for parents with students’ children.

(How to find a school at

  1. Please go to the homepage and select the state where you want to migrate.
  2. If you want to compare schools, you can write a city name in Find if you want a list of zip codes or school districts in compare,
  3. If you see a list of schools in your area, click on the school you want.
  4. If you click on the school, you will be able to check the exam essence, teacher information, and environment.


American universities do not have entrance exams, but rather assess eligibility. Before you go to college, you must prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (ACT), American College Testing Program (ACT), high school 3rd and 4th grade report cards, teacher and counselor recommendation letters, , Club activities), and by the end of December, when the first semester of the 12th grade ends with the above documents, you can accept the application form. For reference, US universities are required to check in advance because the deadline for submitting applications is different for each university.

Types of Universities

  1. Community College

It was established as a two-year college, aimed at vocational education for local residents. In recent years, however, we have been actively accepting foreign students and expanding quantitatively. We are currently operating a bachelor’s degree focusing on the transfer of students to a four-year university. In addition, tuition is as low as one-third of that of four-year universities, and students who intend to go to a four-year college are getting more popular.

  1. Liberal Arts College

It is a four-year university centered on the liberal arts such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and languages. So that they can study variously without limiting the field of study to a major so as to build a broad culture. The number of enrolled students is around 1,500, and they aim for thorough academic research and full-time education in a family-friendly atmosphere. Graduates are more likely to graduate.

  1. University

There are more than 3,500 four-year universities in the United States. The academic year is similar to that of Korea, but the new school year begins in September, not in March. Undergraduate courses at the university are four years, but because they are recognized as credits, they may graduate in three or three years and six months depending on the effort, and may finish in five or six years. The majority of universities have graduate and doctoral degrees, and they are divided into state universities and private universities depending on whether they are supported by the state. In the case of state universities (public universities), the taxes paid by the residents make up the budget and operating expenses of the university, so students living in the state pay a relatively low tuition fee. This is called in-state tuition. In the case of private universities, there is no such difference in tuition fees, but the scholarship system operated by the school’s own fund is diverse and the quality of education is high. Eight universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania), Cullenbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and Brown, are known as “Ivy League” have. Here, MIT and West Stanford are called “Ivy Plus League”.

  1. Municipal school

The army, the air force, the navy, the ocean, and the coast guard. All are four-year colleges and the federal government provides full tuition support. Instead, students must serve in the military for a certain period of time after graduation. Because it is a school that fosters military officers, it is only allowed to be admitted by a citizen, and it is usually recommended from the president, a federal legislator, etc. In order to enter the municipal school, Ivy League students should be equipped with the three skills of leadership and physical strength.

  1. Graduate School / Professional School

US graduate schools are largely classified as masters and doctoral programs. Depending on the department, generally you will need to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to enter graduate school. Students who want to study business administration, law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, etc. should be admitted to the professional school after completing their undergraduate, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and DAT. A professional school is a business school, a law school, a medical school, a dental school, a drugstore, and so on.

US Social Security System

The US Social Security system is divided into five categories: retirement, disability allowance, family allowance, dependents and Medicare. If a person with sufficient social security credits ceases to work, he / she pays a monthly living allowance and promises to stabilize his or her old age. Monthly payment varies according to past credits. The retirement age of a person born before 1938 is 65 years, the retirement age of a person born after 1960 is 67 years, the retirement age is gradually increasing, and the person who delays retirement is 70 years old You will receive a special credit each month.

– Disability Benefits

People with enough social security credits can get Social Security benefits regardless of age if they are seriously ill with more than a year of serious physical or mental impairment or are sick to death. Generally, you are considered to be working when you earn more than $ 740 per month. The disability program is provided with continuing benefits and health insurance so that you can re-work normally through gradual rehabilitation.

-Family support benefits

Families are also eligible if they qualify for retirement or disability benefits. If your spouse is 62 years of age or older, under age 16, you are raising a child under the age of 16, unmarried child under 18 years of age, or 19 years of age if you are still enrolled in school, or 18 years of age or older, It is a family target.

– Family benefits

If a worker earns enough social security credits at the time of death, the family can benefit. Qualified families are aged 60 or older (age 50 or older for physically handicapped) and are not age-restricted if they are parents who need to care for children under 16 years of age. It can also benefit unmarried children under the age of 18, children attending school under the age of 19, disabled children above the age of 18, and parents who have been supporting the parents. In addition, $ 255 is given to spouses or minors only once for special deaths, and a former spouse is eligible for a divorce.

– Medicare

Medicare consists of two parts: hospital insurance and health insurance. Generally, people over 65 years old are automatically entitled to Medicare if they are covered by Social Security. Also, people who are receiving a cripple payment for two years are eligible to join Medicare, others have to apply separately, and hospital insurance is covered as part of the social security tax that people are currently working on. It helps to pay for hospitalization costs and other medical expenses that require professional care. It is supplemented by monthly payments and regular reimbursement from people who have covered health insurance, which helps pay for medical care, outpatient visits, and other medical services and medical supplies.

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